The importance of professional accountancy firm to the ever-increasing complexity of business operation and public institutions related to financial management and accountability cannot be over emphasized.

Based on the foregoing, it is the pleasure of the partner to introduce the firm of Messrs ADEGOKE SUNDAY FADAHUNSI & CO. (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS).



65 Ikorodu Road, Fadeyi, Lagos

We carry out special investigation for special purpose as may be directed by our clients. These types of investigation cover the following:

(a) Bank transaction audit (for the recovery of excess and spurious charges).

(b)  Purchase of business

(c)   Prospectus

(d    Fraud

(e)   Advancement of loan

(f)    Fire and Burglary adjustment

(g)   Liquidation of companies

(h)   Inefficient Performance of Study (work-study)

(i)    Weakness of Accounting System that may lead to large scale fraud

(j)    Performance Appraisal and Certificate of works completed which leads to payments.

(k)   Mode of awarding contracts



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65 Ikorodu Road,Fadeyi, Lagos

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