The importance of professional accountancy firm to the ever-increasing complexity of business operation and public institutions related to financial management and accountability cannot be over emphasized.

Based on the foregoing, it is the pleasure of the partner to introduce the firm of Messrs ADEGOKE SUNDAY FADAHUNSI & CO. (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS).



65 Ikorodu Road, Fadeyi, Lagos

Improve Your Business

We Offer Great Number of Finance Services


The major aspect of our job is auditing. The purpose of carrying out audit however is; to ascertain whether the internal check system and other system of controls of our client are in order.

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We carry out special investigation for special purpose as may be directed by our clients.

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Keeping of accounting record is vital to any organization. From our experience, we observed that inadequate accounting records of failure to bring the accounting record up to date usually leads to commitment...

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We handle tax matter of our client and ensure that they pay adequate tax in relation to their profit as much as the existing tax laws permit (TAX PLANNING)

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The secretarial arm of our firm handles our secretarial services.

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General Services

We provide the foregoing service and other general service as may be required.

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We offer various management services to our clients by providing them with technical and professional write-ups

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